Thursday, January 15, 2009

New 21" RCF NX S21-A Subwoofer

In the lower left corner of this picture lies a true BEAST. May I present to you for your listening pleasure the new RCF NX S21-A. This active 21 inch subwoofer is capable of delivering a massive maximum spl of 135db!

I must say, the first thing I noticed about this sub was how sturdy the build quality was. RCF warranties this new sub for a full three years. The amplifier module features a staggering 1000 watts of onboard power. That's 1000 real watts, not the watts that some lesser companies claim, this is true power.

Hans from RCF showed us the new sub up close and personal and ran us thru all the features that set this 21" subwoofer apart from the crowd. Tomorrow we are going to order us up a few of these as I know of a few venues that could use some super-thump!

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