Saturday, January 17, 2009

NEW IPR Series Power Amplifiers from Peavey


Peavey has debuted their new super-lightweight IPR series amplifiers at the 2009 NAMM show.

Ranging in power from 1600 to 6000 watts, these amps weigh in at only 6.2 lbs.

Yes, 6.2 lbs. That is NOT a typo!

These amps are not slated for release until the second quarter of 2009, so be prepared for the amplifier that will change the face of inexpensive and light PA power!

  • IPR1600 - Street Price: $299.99
  • IPR3000 - Street Price: $399.99
  • IPR4599 - Street Price: $499.99
  • IPR6000 - Street Price: $599.99
In addition, the IPR DSP series features built-in DSP processing
  • IPR DSP 1600 - Street Price: $449.99
  • IPR DSP 3000 - Street Price: $599.99
  • IPR DSP 4500 - Street Price: $649.99
  • IPR DSP 6000 - Street Price: $799.99

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crown XTI6000 Debuts at NAMM 2009

New Crown XTi 6000 released at 2009 NAMM

Rounding out the proven XTi series from Crown, the 2009 NAMM show brings the debut of the XTI6000.

Packing a huge punch, the XTi6000 will effortlessly drive large subs and tops, down to the lowest of impedances and in the most demanding of situations.

Stereo, 2 ohms (per ch.)
Stereo, 4 ohms (per ch.)
Stereo, 8 ohms (per ch.)
Bridge-Mono, 4 ohms
Bridge-Mono, 8 ohms

New Band Manager Software for XTi

In addition, Crown released their streamlined "Band Manager" software, which makes it easy and quick to modify the parameters and setup of the XTi series amplifiers. The software comes complete with tunings for the JBL Professional loudspeakers.

ART Studio Microphones Make their Debut at Winter NAMM

Created to complement ART's industry leading brand of tube preamps, tube compressors and recording accessories, the ART M-Series will set the performance standard for professional microphones in this class and price category.

32mm gold sputtered diaphragms deliver unmatched precision, warmth and character from the M-One, M-Two and M-Three FET condenser microphones. Precision-tooled zinc/aluminum alloy chassis and dent resistant stainless-steel wire-mesh windscreens to protect the high quality capsules, ensuring unmatched long-term reliability in even the most demanding studio environments.

The M-Five classic ribbon microphone delivers extremely precise sonic detail with a smooth, natural extended low frequency response and unrivaled clarity from its proprietary low-tension 2-micron aluminum ribbon element. Housed in a machined brass body and protected by a stainless steel wire mesh windscreen as well, the M-Five delivers ribbon quality in a microphone rugged enough for any studio, stage or broadcast application.

ART M-Series Microphones Models & Features:

  • M-One - Cardioid Wide Diaphragm FET Condenser Side Address Microphone w/ Hard-tail standmount adaptor - MSRP $119.00
  • M-Two - Cardioid Wide Diaphragm FET Condenser Side Address Microphone w/ switchable two-stage high-pass filter (100Hz or 200Hz) & selectable –6dB or –12dB pad - Includes heavy-duty deluxe cradle shockmount & aluminum flightcase – MSRP $199.00
  • M-Three - Multi-pattern Wide Diaphragm FET Condenser Side Address Microphone w/ switchable two-stage high-pass filter (100Hz or 200Hz) & selectable –6dB or –12dB pad - Includes heavy-duty deluxe cradle shockmount & aluminum flightcase – MSRP US $269.00
  • M-Five - Classic Ribbon Microphone w/ low-mass low tension 2 micron aluminum ribbon element, Figure-8 pattern - Includes deluxe cradle shockmount & aluminum flightcase - MSRP $199.00

New D Series Amplifiers From Alto Pro Audio

Alto Pro Audio displayed their new D series of amplifiers today at the 2009 winter NAMM show. The D4 shown above, features all the standard inputs and outputs you would expect, and has a very light-weight chassis to boot. The D4 has four separate output channels making this a perfect amplifer for monitors on stage, or a FOH and monitor rig combo amp! We have always found Alto products to be the most reliable in their price range and we are sure the D4 will be satisfying customers of ours when they are released in May of this year.

American Audio VX Power Amplifiers

American Audio has several new amplifiers on display at the 2009 winter NAMM show. Pictured above is the new VX series of power amplifiers. The line features three new models ranging in power from 350 to 750 watts per channel at 8 ohms. The front panel has a bright LCD panel thru which audio parameters such as output mode, high-pass filter and sensitivity can be adjusted.

American Audio also has a new light-weight power amplifier line dubbed the XLP series. Ranging in power from 300 to 880 watts per channel at 8 ohms, these are sure to have enough power to satisfy the most power-hungry speakers.

New 21" RCF NX S21-A Subwoofer

In the lower left corner of this picture lies a true BEAST. May I present to you for your listening pleasure the new RCF NX S21-A. This active 21 inch subwoofer is capable of delivering a massive maximum spl of 135db!

I must say, the first thing I noticed about this sub was how sturdy the build quality was. RCF warranties this new sub for a full three years. The amplifier module features a staggering 1000 watts of onboard power. That's 1000 real watts, not the watts that some lesser companies claim, this is true power.

Hans from RCF showed us the new sub up close and personal and ran us thru all the features that set this 21" subwoofer apart from the crowd. Tomorrow we are going to order us up a few of these as I know of a few venues that could use some super-thump!

New ART Series Speakers From RCF

Just when you thought they couldn't produce a better speaker, RCF comes out with the new 700 series active speakers. Featuring a massive 750 watt amplifier, the ART 700 series speakers sound great and rocked like nothing I've ever heard in this size and price range. In addition, these new speakers feature RCF's class-leading 3 year warranty. Great sound, easy to transport and a best-in-class warranty. RCF leads, and others........ follow.

First Day of NAMM 2009

The first day of NAMM proved to be a great day. We arrived early - before the doors opened and had an opportunity to listen to a band that was using the new vertical Renkus-Heinz line-array - they sounded sweet.

From listening to rumors on the street, I didn't expect there to be as many folks attending this years NAMM show, but boy was I wrong. Although the arena was not as crowded as normal with vendors, the main convention center was still packed and there were tons of folks looking at the newest equipment that vendors have to offer.

Direct Pro Audio comes to this show for its customers. The staff at Direct Pro Audio wants to be on the cutting edge and offer its customers the latest and greatest products. The show gives us a chance to get our hands on the equipment and to literally feel it and test it to see if we think our customers would like it.

Our first meeting was with who might be one of our newest lines - - you'll just have to wait and see!! Anyway, we spent quite a bit of time learning about their mixers. We have another appointment with them tomorrow because we ran out of time and didn't want to be late for our next appointment of the day.

We hurried over to the Gator booth - I'll have to admit I really enjoy looking at all of Gator's cases. Gator Cases is always coming up with new, inventive products. The first one that I saw today was a new speaker case that felt sturdy and durable and even had a rain cover - - just in case it's pouring and your outdoor gig doesn't get cancelled. I see some of those in Direct Pro Audio's future for sure.

A few more of the highlights included a trip to the Ultimate booth - I having nothing but praise for their products too. We were at NAMM today from opening to closing - they were shutting the lights out when we were leaving. We had great meetings and were introduced to new products from Shure, JBL, Community, SoundCraft, AKG, Yorkville, ART, Alto, and so many more - my brain is on overload right now.

New JBL LSR2300 Series

NEW affordable studio monitors from JBL

JBL has released their new LSR2300 series of active studio monitors. These monitors bring affordability to the LSR product line. The series consists of three models of monitors and a monitor controller:
  • LSR2325 - 5" two way powered studio monitor
  • LSR2328P - 8" two way powered studio monitor
  • LSR2310SP - 10" powered studio subwoofer
  • MSC1 - Monitor system controller
More information will be coming soon...

New Shure Performance Gear (PG) Series Microphones


Live from the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

Shure has released new Performance Gear microphones, including new USB models.

The PG27 is designed with a flat frequency response for natural reproduction, and features a large diaphragm and a high SPL threshold that handles a wide variety of acoustic, amplified and vocal sound sources - with professional clarity and guaranteed Shure quality in every application.

The PG42 is specifically engineered for vocal reproduction. The PG42 side-address condenser microphone features a large cardioid diaphragm tailored with high sensitivity to clearly reproduce refined performances. A -15dB switchable attenuator and a high pass filtering switch guarantees Shure quality for every lead vocal application.

New LS2104 21" Sub from Yorkville

NEW AT 2009 NAMM, Anaheim, California...

Yorkville has release a brand new, 21" passive subwoofer, the LS2104.

The ultimate passive subwoofer, the élite LS2104 delivers up to 3000 watts of bottom end support to any large-scale club or concert venue. A 21-inch neodymium driver with a full 6-inch voicecoil rear-loaded bass horn enclosure delivers a maximum SPL of 132dB in the essential 32 to 200Hz range.


  • 21-inch Neodymium Woofer Driver w/ 6-inch Voicecoil
  • Handles Up to 3000 Watts
  • 1/4-inch and 4-pole Speakon™ Input Jacks
  • Solid 15mm (5/8th-inch) 11-Ply Russian Birch Cabinet Construction
  • Heavy Duty Wheels & All-Metal Handles
  • All-Metal Heavy Gauge Perforated Grille
  • Rugged Ozite Cabinet Covering
  • Integrated Speaker Pole Mount Adaptor
View the LS2104 at Direct Pro Audio

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back from Yorkville Party

Just returned from the Yorkville party at the ESPN zone. I was expecting a smaller turn out than normal, but was pleasantly surprised to find a larger crowd than normal! We had a nice chat with one of the Yorkville reps and are looking forward to seeing their booth tomorrow. Took a stroll down downtown Disney - the place was packed. More to come tomorrow.

Yorkville Party Fun As Always

The pro audio business is a funny bird. It is sometimes hard to know who your friends are. Yorkville is one of those companies that partners with you thru thick and thin. The party is always a great opportunity to meet other Yorkville dealers and gather insight to the future of the audio business. Most were very upbeat, believing the worst is behind us. I'm told many new products will be shown tomorrow and we can't wait to bring it to you. Thanks Yorkville for the great food and friendship!

NAMM 2009 Here We Come

Hey this is Tracy from Direct Pro Audio and I am getting ready to attend the 2009 NAMM show. We plan to arrive at the opening of the show bright and early and I can't wait to see what all the vendors have to offer this year. I left the Omaha area with snow on the ground and am soaking up all the warm weather that I can. The temps are suppose to be in the 80s all week – awesome!!! On my way to the hotel, I had to stop and have a famous California In and Out Burger. I would say that I'd gain 10 pounds while I'm here, but I know I'll walk it all off when I'm in the convention center. I wonder what famous person I'll see this year – I'll let you know later. I'm looking forward to seeing the great folks at ProCo – I'm sure they're soaking up this warm weather too. I'm headed off to the Yorkville Party tonight at the ESPN Sports Zone – I'll get some photos up later. Have you heard about Yorkville products – we sell a ton of them at Direct Pro Audio and hear nothing but rave reviews about the speakers and subs. They always have a great booth at the NAMM show.

I'm Ready For NAMM 2009

Direct Pro Audio always sends tons of associates to the NAMM show, and this year is no different. We are going to hit that show floor and see all the coolest new gear. Thursday we visit with Audio Technica, Shure, Denon, Yorkville, ProCo, Gemini, Community, JBL and various other brands. We are going to buy tons of gear, crazy cheap, to pass on the savings to all our customers. I know some people are freaking out about the economy, but we aren't going away, so we will be your eyes and ears on the NAMM floor. We just went over to the Hilton and got some great vid of QSC setting up the outdoor stage. Haven't seen many chicks with multi-colored hair, but that comes tomorrow. Tonight we go to the Yorkville party, always a great time! I'll take pictures! I sure don't miss the 5 degree temps back at Direct Pro Audio headquarters! - Jason

NAMM 2009 Kickoff

NAMM 2009 is here!
Direct Pro Audio is getting ready to kick off NAMM 2009! After flying into Ontario, we made our traditional stop for an In-N-Out burger.... mmmm. The smell... something about In-N-Out just makes my mouth water...

So here are some pics and videos of the setup process... we look forward to an eventful three days.

Now it is off to the Yorkville Party!